Be Bold, Be Bald - Coming October 21, 2016

Wear a bald cap for a day - Friday, Oct. 21st and show solidarity!

Last year OUR BBBB PARTICIPANTS HELPED RAISE over $4,000.00!! Be a part of the winning team...and do your part to show your support for kids battling cancer everywhere!

5 months to gather support of your ONE DAY of your BOLD MOVE to show solidarity and support kids with cancer !!!

How do I sign up? Go to and select "join the movement", fill in your contact information and BE SURE TO SELECT SHRED KIDS CANCER AS YOUR BENEFICIARY from the drop down menu and your in! Next share your page and start fundraising!

Where is the event? It's wherever you are. At work. At school. At home. On the train. Anywhere. As long as you are wearing the bald cap, you are participating.

When is the event? The event takes place on Friday October 21st 2016 and lasts from when you wake up until you go to bed.

Who can participate? Anyone who wants to help raise money for cancer charities without worrying about training beforehand or taking valuable time off for the event itself.

Why should you do this? To raise money for cancer charities, honor loved ones, and gain a little more understanding about one of the challenges many people with cancer face.

How much does it cost? It is free to participate in Be Bold, Be Bald! and get access to all the online fundraising tools. However, with a $10 fee* to cover materials and shipping, you can opt to receive a Bald Kit that includes your cap and other fundraising materials to get you started.

(*We have limited supplies and can send you a bald cap if you can't swing the $10 fee - just email us at with your address and we will ship it on over!)

How much money do I need to raise? There is no fundraising minimum. This event is as much about the experience of the day as it is about raising money. We encourage conversation as much as fundraising. Raise as much as you can. Talk about it as much as you can.

How do I get a bald cap? When you sign up, you can also get your Bald Kit and any other bald accessories that you (and your team) may need by visiting the Bald Shop at