11. Donate a Tweet

Donate a Tweet to SKC at justcoz.org


9. Shop at Ama​zon Smile and Amazon will make a donation to Shred Kids Cancer!


Founder Teagan meeting with Senator Boxer on Capitol Hill asking for Congress to provide more funds to pediatric cancer research.

10. 18 yrs old or over? Register to be a bone marrow donor. First step to being a hero.

             Get Involved! Take it to 11!

11 Ways to Help Shred Kids' Cancer

           1.  Participate in our next event!!

8. Start a FIT Challenge

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Shred Kids Cancer Inc.

Use Giving Assistant to donate to us while you shop! It’s easy: Giving Assistant helps you donate a percentage of your cash back earnings to us with every purchase you make at 1800+ popular online retailers. You’ll also find useful Target Promo Codes, as well as big savings at places like eBay, JC Penney and Kmart!

2. Download or stream Clockwork City's songs. Original music created and performed by Founder and CEO Teagan Stedman (on guitar), Annie Reznik (vocals), Jack Severino (bass) and Alex Andrews (drums)- 100% of download sales go to Shred Kids Cancer!!

3. Be an SKC Startup Club Founder. Whether you are in elementary, middle school, high school or college we want you! 

6. Share our PSA Video!

4. Host a Fundraiser

Shred Kids' Cancer loves a good party! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Amanda had a birthday party and asked guests to donate to Shred Kids' Cancer in lieu of presents. 
  • Karen hosted a Jewelry Party and the proceeds were donated to Shred Kids' Cancer
  • Five Minutes Late Band held a concert fundraiser at an Ice Cream Shop
  • Emma hosted a bake sale and donated proceeds to Shred Kids' Cancer.
  • Aviara Real Estate had a Halloween Scarecrow Drawing Contest donating to Shred Kids Cancer
  • Gold Coast Theater put on a play where proceeds went to Shred Kids' Cancer.

Other ideas: 

  • Put up a Lemonade stand and see what you can do! 
  • Run in a marathon and raise money for Shred Kids' Cancer.  
  • Bar Mitvah Projects - spread awareness about pediatric cancer as a community service project. 

You can set up a Crowdrise page and get started raising money today! Or you can go old school and just collect money at the event. We will send each donor a thank you letter and a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

5. Write a Letter to Congress


Childhood Cancer is an orphan disease.  Most drug companies cannot make a profit from manufacturing child cancer treatments, so they choose not to.  Funding for clinical trials is through people and organizations like us.  There is one other major source of funding for cancer research - The National Cancer Institute.  This is a government funded organization that has the power to give grants to clinical trials. 

However, the NCI indicates that childhood cancer is “relatively rare” and invests less than 4% of its annual budget in pediatric cancer research.  Statistically speaking the fact that only 13,400 children are diagnosed may deem that cancer is rare among children but that does not mean that we should ignore the tens of thousands of children in treatment or the thousands that will be diagnosed this year because they are statistically rare.  Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death in U.S. children.  Children diagnosed with cancer deserve cures, and cures will only come with an investment in research and treatments.


We are asking that you help us by writing a letter to Congress to ask they shift more funds to kids cancer research. Three letters, actually would be best - one to your congressperson and two to your Senators.  The more letters they get, the higher the chances that they will shift their funding. 

It is easy!
1.  Use this sample letter to congress here  
2. Get name and address info or email info by going to The House website at www.house.gov or the Senate website at www.senate.gov
3. Send it and Make it happen!