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Gain valuable skills as a startup founder!


GAIN VALUABLE SKILLS AS AS STARTUP FOUNDER!! With our free step by step guide and on-demand counseling, we can help you get your "start-up" started and make a difference to kids who have cancer! 

Cancer affects everyone.  But when it affects kids, we have to make sure their peers are here to support them.  We all have the power to do something about it. By starting an official Shred Kids Cancer Club, event or chapter at your school, you can join the Shred Kids Cancer movement and help save lives now. It’s up to you. 

What is a Shred Kids' Cancer Startup?

A Shred Kids Cancer Startup is created and led by students who are dedicated to stopping kids’ cancer in their area and inspired to act now. A startup club allows you to get involved by starting something new in your area to bring the youth community together and create your own unique activities in support of Shred Kids' Cancer. In turn, being a startup founder gives you valuable leadership experience while enabling you to make a measurable impact in your community.

How do I get started?

1. Find out if your school has specific guidelines for starting a club. If you don't want to involve your school that is cool too!
2. Get an adult advisor (a teacher or school administrator or a parent) to sponsor the startup in your area. We will help with a majority of the guidance remotely, but we need to make sure you have an adult to help with things like driving (if necessary), granting permission and other details.
3. Send in the Shred Kids' Cancer startup Application or email us with questions (shredkidscancer@gmail.com.
4. Check out the Shred Kids' Cancer Toolkit filled with materials, posters, and
fun marketing materials to help you get the word out (you’ll gain access to this once your club application has been approved).
5. Assign leadership roles within your SKC venture.
6. Get out there and recruit members - get friends, brothers, sisters, teachers, pets...really anything.
7. Organize activities and get your school involved. Get everyone to wear shredstraps at the next school event, sell cupcakes at lunch, put on a concert or talent show after school, Browse Shred Kids Cancer inspired event ideas.
8. Submit a Shred Kids' Cancer form for approval if you are planning a fundraising event and need some help with start up funding  (form comes with club toolkit).

9. Review the Shred Kids Cancer startup Checklist (in your tool kit) to help guide you through all these