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Shredfest 8 March 5th!!

Shredfest 8 is a Battle of the Bands featuring celebrity judges, amazing prizes and an incredible silent auction took place on Saturday March 5 Fairfield, Connecticut. Shred Kids' Cancer has been giving kids the chance to help their peers battling cancer in a fun, creative way since 2009 with Shredfests held at the House of Blues, Los Angeles and The Roxy on Sunset Strip. This year, Shred Kids' Cancer is partnered with Phoebe's Phriends to bring you Shredfest 8 in Fairfield, Connecticut!

Shredfest 8 bands:


Sarah Barrios

Shredfest 8 Battle of the Band Rules:

  1. Original music will be the only music that is judged. Cover songs are acceptable, but the cover songs will not be considered in the judging.
  2. 75% of participating members of each band must be 18 and under.
  3. All bands will receive an equal amount of time on stage ranging from 10-15 minutes. You may choose to perform less but will not be allowed to go over the alloted time.   We may have celebrity musicians performing on stage and we will be sure to give you exact time as soon as we know!
  4. There will be a required meeting with the stage manager and the bands at 6:00 pm the day of the show, March 5th.  Bands will meet the Shredfest 8 stage manager and go over last minute announcements.  Bands must report to the stage again at least one hour before their scheduled performance and remain on-site (FTC at The Warehouse) until the end of their performance.   
  5. A panel of judges will score the musicians using a point system.  Criteria to be considered will be Song quality and originality, Band Synchronization, Musical Ability/Technicality, Stage Presence and “gut feel”. If bands end up in a tie, the following individual category scores will decide the winner: Song quality and originality, and gut feel.
  6. All bands agree to have their name, voice and/or likeness used in any advertising or broadcasting material without any compensation or rights or royalties for such use.
  7. PA system, Guitar/Bass amplifiers, cables, microphones and drum kit will be provided.  Musicians are only required to bring guitars, bass guitars, drum sticks. Keyboards and other instruments need to be brought by musicians.  Pedals and cymbals are fine to bring.
  8. No prerecorded music or tracks can be played during performance.
  9. Important: Please advise any special settings you need for your amplifiers and for what songs by Feb 15.  We will provide this to the stage manager.
  10. Band members are responsible for all of the security of their equipment and the event managers cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment.
  11. Fires, pyrotechnics and fog machines are not allowed for the battle.
  12. Shred Kids’ Cancer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations of the contest as well as the final word in any disputes that should arise concerning the contest.  All members must read the rules and by submitting payment/donation for the band's entry fee acknowledge that they have read and understand the rules in this document.