Music by Clockwork City
Clockwork City original music written and performed by Shred Kids' Cancer Founder and CEO Teagan Stedman, Annie Reznik, Alex Andrews, Jack Severino is donating 100% of sales of this album to Shred Kids' Cancer! available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Pandora - just about anywhere you can get music. 

Or show your support and solidarity with our version of a survival bracelet! Handcrafted and custom made by Hudson 

$12 each! 
Made from 550 pound tensile strength paracord, these are useful in survival situations - as you will have 8-10 feet of cord that can hold 550 pounds right on your wrist. Plus it has the Shred Kids' Cancer ribbon making a statement that you support shredding kids cancer.   In emergency you can use it as safety line, fishing line, tourniquet, a bow, a trap...maybe even dental floss? 


The Dog and The Wolf  - get the new ebook!

written by board member Hudson when he was 7 years old! All of the money he earns from the sales will go to Shred Kids' Cancer! 

About the book from Hudson...."The Dog and The Wolf is a book about a dog who gets lost in the woods and runs from a wolf. He eventually escapes out of the woods, but how does he escape?You will have to read it to find out! The story is actually a really big metaphor about cancer.  The wolf is the cancer and the dog is really just a kid."  
Get involved like Hudson and create something to help out. Have your item featured here in the Shredstore and sell it at Shredfest!