Post a photo of you wearing clothes that don’t fit, and/or donate $2* to pediatric cancer research and nominate/tag 2 friends. You have 2 days to comply or forfeit and donate $20 to Shred Kids Cancer. don't forget to use the hashtags like: #skcfitchallenge & #kidsmatter
1. Take a photo of you wearing clothes that don't fit (uncomfortable or extra large) for a day and/or donate $2 to fund kids cancer research.
2. Post it on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and
3. Tag and Nominate a people to take on the SKCFIT Challenge.
4. Nominees then have 2 days to comply or forfeit and donate $2 to Shred Kids Cancer. to Fund Innovative Treatments
5. Use the hashtag #skcfitchallenge #kidsmatter and we will re post on our media pages!

Take it to the next level and organize a
“Fit In” at your office or school – everyone wears clothes that are too big (or uncomfortable) – take a "groupie" photo and hashtag #skcfitin Ask your office if they might match any donations since we are a 501c3.
Why F.I.T.?
Pediatric Cancer research is far too underfunded. Since kids cancer is considered “rare” and difficult for drug companies to make a profit on, only 2 drugs have been made and approved for kids with cancer in the past 20 years. This forces kids to use adult cancer drug treatments which do not FIT them.  

Many times these adult treatments are too severe and harsh (even in smaller doses) and have harmful effects and even cause secondary cancers in their growing bodies.  Kids cancers are different than adult cancers and need their own specialized treatments.  We’re here to show kids that while their cancer may be deemed "rare" they matter. More funding for pediatric cancer research (Funding Innovative Treatment) can help give kids treatments that FIT and feel more comfortable. Shred Kids Cancer is a 501c3 organization with volunteers and all donations are tax deductible...99% of the money raised is granted to pediatric cancer research - specifically clinical trials.

TAKE THE SKC FIT  Challenge!

FIT = Funding Innovative Treatments