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Unlike adult cancers, there is no known cause for pediatric cancer. Pediatric cancer does not discriminate.

More than a classroom of kids is diagnosed with cancer every day. Seven children die of pediatric cancer each day.

There has only been 3 new pediatric cancer drugs approved by the FDA in the last 20 years. Incidence of invasive pediatric cancer is up 29% in the past 20 years. Kids are forced to use antiquated adult cancer treatments but many times they do not fit. 

The average death of a child cancer patient is 8 which means they lose 69 life years.

The largest funding for kids cancer research comes from the Government and it represents only 4% of what is provided to adult cancer research. For every dollar that goes to help cancer research only 1 cent goes to kids cancer research.


We need to address these issues.  Shred Kids' Cancer is a 501c3 non-profit public charitable organization dedicated to serving our community by offering a solution for kids to help fight kids' cancer and show their peers who are suffering that they are here to help them. This is an organization made up of kids and started by a kid. Kids can use their creativity and organization skills (with the guidance of adults)  to make a difference by raising awareness and funds to support research that leads to improving the care, quality of life and survival rate of children with cancer.


Pediatric cancer is an orphan disease...it's up to us to change this.




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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

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